CS3502 students – Please note:

  1. The course is structured in five modules corresponding to Chapters 1-5 of Kurose and Ross (KR). The modules are inter-related.
  2. Kurose and Ross's lecture slides are linked at the start of each module. The slides are unmodified and directly reflect material in the textbook chapters.
  3. Lecture notes (N1, N2, etc.) are linked to corresponding lecture slides. Generally, these will be linked to this page before the lecture.
  4. For all lectures, you MUST try and read the assigned papers and/or textbook section BEFORE lecture. You're likely to get the most out of each lecture if you read the material beforehand.
  5. Pay attention to the due dates for homeworks, labs, and other deadlines. All deadlines are hard.
1Mon 07/08Class overview: Logistics, goals, the "why", course outlineN1
2Tue 07/09Introduction: The Internet, network edge/core, circuit and packet switchingN2KR Chap 1
3Wed 07/10Introduction: Packet delay/loss and throughput,
4Thu 07/11Introduction: Protocol layering, client-server and P2P service models, securityHW 1 Assigned
L1Fri 07/12Wireshark intro labLab 1
5Mon 07/15Application Layer: Sockets, transport, TCP and UDP intro, APIsN5KR Chap 2
6Tue 07/16Application Layer: HTTP and the Web
7Wed 07/17Application Layer: Email
8Thu 07/18Application Layer: DNS, Overlays and peer-to-peerLab 1 Due
L2Fri 07/19Building a Python web client and serverLab 2
9Mon 07/22Application Layer: Video streaming, CDNs, Socket ProgrammingHW 2 Assigned, HW 1 Due
10Tue 07/23Application Layer: DHTsN10
-Wed 07/24No Class
11Thu 07/25Transport Layer: services, multiplexing/demultiplexingN11a, N11bEnd-to-End PrincipleKR Chap 3, Lab 2 Due
L3Fri 07/26Building an SMTP applicationLab 3
12Mon 07/29Transport Layer: FSM models of reliability, pipelined protocols
13Tue 07/30Transport Layer: TCP connection setup, flow control
14Wed 07/31Transport Layer: congestion control, fairnessHW 2 Due
15Thu 08/01Transport Layer: Reno NewReno, Vegas, and SACK optionsN15HW 3 Assigned, Lab 3 Due
L4Fri 08/02Exploring TCPLab 4
16Mon 08/05Network Layer: Introduction, Virtual Circuit, Datagram, LPMN16KR Chap 4
17Tue 08/06Network Layer: Routers, router hardware, IPv4 IP Fragmentation
18Wed 08/07Network Layer: IP addressing, CIDR, subnets, DHCP
19Thu 08/08Exam Review (covers application and transport layers, CH 1–3)Study Topics
-Fri 08/09Midterm Exam (110 Minutes)
20Mon 08/12Midterm Exam solutions review, discussion, etc.
21Tue 08/13Network Layer: NAT, ICMP, IPv6
22Wed 08/14Network Layer: Routing intro, link-state routingN22KR Chap 5
23Thu 08/15Network Layer: Distance vector routing, hierarchical routingLab 4 Due
L6Fri 08/16Exploring IPLab 5
24Mon 08/19Network Layer: RIP, OSPF, BGP
25Tue 08/20Network Layer: Software Defined Networks, ICMP, SNMPHW 3 Due
26Wed 08/21Network Layer: SDNs Cont.HW 4 Assigned
27Thu 08/22Link Layer: Introduction, CRCN27KR Chap 6, Lab 5 Due
L7Fri 08/23Practical BGPLab 6
28Mon 08/26Link Layer: ALOHA, CSMA/CD, Token Ring
29Tue 08/27Link Layer: HFC, MAC Addresses, ARP
30Wed 08/28Link Layer: Ethernet, Switches, VLANsHW 4 Due
31Thu 08/29Link Layer: MPLS, data center networks, life of a web requestHW 5 Assigned, Lab 6 Due
L8Fri 08/30Understanding DNSLab 7
-Mon 09/02Labor Day
32Tue 09/03Wireless: Link characteristics, 802.11 wireless LANsN32KR Chap 7
33Wed 09/04Wireless: Cellular Internet access, Mobile principles
34Thu 09/05Wireless: Mobile IP, Mobility in cellular netsLab 7 Due
L9Fri 09/06No Lab
35Mon 09/09Hot Topic: Mobile adhoc networks (MANETs)N35
36Tue 09/10Hot Topic: MANETs, cont.
37Wed 09/11Final Exam Review (comprehensive, emphasis on chapters 4–7)Study Topics
38Thu 09/12Final Exam Review, continuedHW 5 Due
L10Fri 09/13No Lab
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