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  1. Lecture numbers (L1, L2, etc.) are linked to corresponding lecture notes. Generally, these will appear on this page soon after the lecture. Not all notes are in flowing text; usually they are in bullet form and highlight things we consider important about the area being discussed.
  2. For all lectures, you MUST try and read the assigned papers and/or textbook section BEFORE lecture. You're likely to get the most out of each lecture if you read the material beforehand.
  3. Pay attention to the due dates for homeworks, labs, and other deadlines. All deadlines are hard.
1Mon 03/30Class overview: logistics, goals, the "why", course outlineL0
-Tue 03/31No Class (NRWG Meeting)
2Wed 04/01Common types of modelingL2
3Thu 04/02Simulation & Emulation Tools Homework DiscussionHomework 1
4Mon 04/06Markov Chains, Little's law, M/M/1 queuesL4Little's Law Proof
5Tue 04/07Aloha Protocols Performance Analysis & CSMA/CA ModelingL5
6Wed 04/08Network ChallengesL6[CS2013][F2003]
7Thu 04/09Modeling TCP in ns-3 Homework DiscussionHW 2 SolutionHomework 2, HW 1 due
8Mon 04/13Healthy SkepticismL8Frame This!
9Tue 04/14Modeling mobile networksL9[NCCRS11]
10Wed 04/15Modeling episodically connected networks[NBK09][RBX13]
11Thu 04/16Modeling DTN routing in the ONE Simulator Homework DiscussionHW 3 SolutionHomework 3, HW 2 due
12Mon 04/20Ad-Hoc NetworksL12
13Tue 04/21MANET RoutingL13
14Wed 04/22MANET Routing Continued
15Thu 04/23Modeling network outages in MATLAB Homework DiscussionHW 4 SolutionHomework 4, HW 3 due
16Mon 04/27MANET Routing Protocols
17Tue 04/28MANET Routing Protocols Cont.
18Wed 04/29Path Diversification and Network SurvivabilityL18[RJS2012][RS2011]
19Thu 04/30Emulating AS-peering relationships in GNS3 Homework DiscussionHW 5 SolutionHomework 5, HW 4 due
20Mon 05/04Modeling the Internet: Topology GenerationL20[JSCS08]
21Tue 05/05Modeling the Internet: AS-RelationshipsL21
22Wed 05/06Midterm Prep
-Thu 05/07Midterm Exam (in-class, 50 minutes, open-book, open-notes, no network access)
23Mon 05/11Midterm Review
24Tue 05/12Disruption-ToleranceL23
25Wed 05/13Disruption-Tolerance Cont.
26Thu 05/14Project topic discussionHW 5 due
27Mon 05/18Disruption-Tolerant Networks (DTNs)
28Tue 05/19Simulating random behavior (temporal & spatial)L28[MN1998][BJS10]
29Wed 05/20Statistical Analysis OverviewL29[CRJAZBPNPGS12][PNRS11]
30Thu 05/21Monte-carlo simulation Homework DiscussionHomework 6, Project Proposal Due
-Mon 05/25Memorial Day
31Tue 05/26Plotting and tabulating resultsL31Additional Figures[RJS2012]
32Wed 05/27Confidence intervals vs standard error barsL32T-Distribution Table
33Thu 05/28Project Discussion
34Mon 06/01Network Traffic ModelingL34[CCS2013]
35Tue 06/02Transport-layer ModelingL35[GNUS13]
36Wed 06/03DTN Routing in ns-3L36[ACZS13], HW 6 due
37Thu 06/04Project Discussion
38Mon 06/08Simulating Attacks and ChallengesL38[CBDSS10]
39Tue 06/09Project Meetings (optional)
-Wed 06/10Final Project Presentations
-Thu 06/11Final Project Presentations Cont.
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