CS4558 students – Please note:

  1. Lecture numbers (L1, L2, etc.) are linked to corresponding lecture notes. Generally, these will appear on this page soon after the lecture. Not all notes are in flowing text; usually they are in bullet form and highlight things we consider important about the area being discussed.
  2. For all lectures, you MUST try and read the assigned papers and/or textbook section BEFORE lecture. You're likely to get the most out of each lecture if you read the material beforehand.
  3. Pay attention to the due dates for homeworks, labs, and other deadlines. All deadlines are hard.
Last updated: Wed Oct 14 00:20:26 2015
1 Mon 03/30 Class overview: logistics, goals, the "why", course outline - L0
- Tue 03/31 No Class (NRWG Meeting)
2 Wed 04/01 Sound network measurement [P04] -
3 Thu 04/02 Data pitfalls, stats review L3
L1 Fri 04/03 Intro/tutorial (libpcap analysis) Lab 1, Solution Tutorial Code
4 Mon 04/06 Distributed systems: CDNs [SCHKB06] L4
5 Wed 04/08 Distributed systems: CDNs (cont.) L5
6 Thu 04/09 Distributed systems: malicious CDNs [HKS11] L6
L2 Fri 04/10 No Lab
7 Mon 04/13 Distributed systems: fast-flux DNS L7
8 Wed 04/15 Distributed systems: DNS games [WKP11] L8
9 Thu 04/16 Hardware: Netflow [SRZ10] L9
L3 Fri 04/17 No Lab
10 Mon 04/20 Hardware: Fine-grained latencies [KLSV09] L10
11 Wed 04/22 Broadband: View from the gateway [SDFTCP11] L11
12 Thu 04/23 Outages: Pingin in the Rain [SS11] L12
L4 Fri 04/24 NetFlow analysis Lab 2, Solution,
Lab 1 Due
13 Mon 04/27 IPv6: Measuring adoption [DLHCEA12] L13a, L13b
14 Wed 04/29 IPv6: Security and attacks [BCK06] L14
15 Thu 04/30 Topology: Intro, traceroute pitfalls, load-balancing [ACOVFLMT06] L15
L5 Fri 05/01 No Lab
16 Mon 05/04 Topology: alias resolution [K10] L16
17 Wed 05/06 Transport: Data center traffic (DCTCP) [AGMPPPSS10] L17
18 Thu 05/07 Midterm Prep
L6 Fri 05/08 Midterm Exam (110 minutes, open-book, open-notes, no network access) Study Topics E1 Solution
19 Mon 05/11 Transport: Darknets [DKCPP12]
20 Wed 05/13 Transport: Censorship [DSACCRP11] L20
21 Thu 05/14 Transport: Tunnels, Mixnets, Onion Routing [MBGKS08]
L7 Fri 05/15 No Lab Lab 2 Due
22 Mon 05/18 Transport: TCP-HICCUPS [CBA14] L23
23 Wed 05/20 Midterm Review
24 Thu 05/21 Transport: Watermarks, timing attacks [LH12] L24
L8 Fri 05/22 Network Mapping Lab 3, Solution
- Mon 05/25 Memorial Day
25 Wed 05/27 Routing: BGP Security [SXWYW12] L25
26 Thu 05/28 Geo: Geolocation Learning [EBSN10] L26
L9 Fri 05/29 No Lab
27 Mon 06/01 Geo: Fine-grained Geolocation [WBFKH11] L27
28 Wed 06/03 Fingerprinting: Host Profiling [B2004] L28
29 Thu 06/04 Fingerprinting: Website Fingerprinting [GBKS12]
L10 Fri 06/05 No Lab Lab 3 Due
30 Mon 06/08 New: Large-Scale Trace Analysis [LL2013]
31 Wed 06/10 No Class
32 Thu 06/11 Final Prep
33 Fri 06/12 Final Exam (Online via Sakai, due at 1700 on 6/12/15)
L11 Fri 06/12 No Lab

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